19 Nov 2021 Business Insights

5 German Destinations to Promote to Your Customers

Germany has proven to be a popular destination with Brits over the years. In 2019, around three-and-half million tourists visited German destinations from the United Kingdom. With travel picking up, holidaymakers are looking for inspiration, which you can give them in the form of Germany. Much like our guides to Italy, Spain and France, we’ve put together five great destinations to promote to customers looking for a German adventure.

Bavaria 🏰

One of Germany’s most enchanting regions, Bavaria is full of magical castles and German traditions. Many have speculated that the beautiful castles inspired many Disney movies, and you should encourage customers to visit Neuschwanstein Castle. Away from the enchantment, the city of Munich is a great destination for a city break. It’s the capital of the state of Bavaria and is one of Germany’s oldest cities. Munich is a place to soak up the culture, enjoy peaceful walks in green spaces and admire the historic buildings.

Hamburg 🌉

Hamburg is located on the banks of the Elbe River and is known as one of Europe’s busiest and most important ports. There’s a strong maritime identity here, with the culture and heritage linked to the many canals and waterways dotted around the city. Younger crowds will enjoy its energetic nightlife, including live music venues, cocktail bars galore and trendy nightclubs.

Berlin 🎨

Vibrant. Edgy. Alternative. Friendy. There are many ways to describe Berlin, the capital of Germany, and a city where anything goes. Tell your customers they’ll find the best in art, music, fashion and design in Berlin. Plus, the city’s filled with fantastic architecture and loads of things to do, from partying until the early hours of the morning to enjoying lunch by the canal and visits around Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to five of Berlin’s most important museums.

Rothenburg 🏛️

Step back into medieval Germany in Rothenburg. The old town, in particular, offers an insight into the past as it escaped the destruction of World War II. It has retained the majority of its charming medieval buildings, such as the 13th-century town hall, the Imperial Museum and the historic Castle Gardens. Rothenburg is an easy drive from major cities like Frankfurt and makes for a good-trip idea for holidaymakers in Germany.

Rugen Island 🏖️

Germany isn’t particularly well known for its coastal destinations, but Rugen Island has beachside settings to get your customers in the mood for some sun, sea and sand. Located in the Baltic Sea as part of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Rugen Island has majestic landscapes and is a seaside resort perfect for couples. Once a popular place to visit in the 18th century, it’s become relevant again thanks to its charming villas, old towns and, of course, beautiful beaches. Get customers booking a trip to Jasmund National Park, where they can see the famous chalk cliffs rising 161 metres over the sea up close and personal.

Getting to Germany with flexibility

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Fly away to Germany

There are lots to discover in Germany, and it’s less than a two-hour flight from the UK. This makes it the ideal destination for long weekends away and shorter trips, meaning your customers can enjoy a break and discover Germany’s many charms, from five-star cities like Berlin and Hamburg to coastal escapes like Rugen Island. And they can be home in time for tea.