05 Nov 2021 Business Insights

How to Promote Winter Sun Holidays

Winter has replaced the summer, bringing to an end warmer weather and lighter evenings. While some people embrace the colder days and cosy nights, others dream of getting away from the grey for some winter sun. In fact, winter sun holidays have grown by an impressive 16% year on year as holidaymakers look to escape. But how should you go about promoting winter sun holidays to customers? We’ve got the answers below.

Get active on social media 👍

Social media is a vital way to promote holidays for travel brands, and it’s a great place to let people know about your winter sun offers. Use social media to tell followers about your deals on offer at this time of year, firing off tweets, Instagram posts and TikTok videos that get people in the mood for lazy days on the beach in November.

Along with details about specific winter sun holidays, you can use social media to gauge interest and encourage interaction. Make the most of polls asking travellers which hot country they would like to visit this winter, and ask them to share winter warmer photos from past trips with  . Stirring up the conversation on social media will help increase brand awareness and generate sales for holidays in the sun this winter.

Make use of Google ads and other sponsored content 🌐

Google is an ultra competitive space, and it can be hard to rank for basic keywords related to holidays. That’s why paying for a campaign can help boost reach and get more eyes on your travel brand. But instead of opting for generic campaigns, why not try ranking for keywords related explicitly to winter holidays?

The search volume might be lower than a generic travel term, but the intent will be higher from those looking for winter holidays. This increases the chances of a conversion, and it’s better to rank for specific key terms with lower searches but higher conversion rates than it is ranking for generic words offering high searches but poor conversions.

Create content, from blog posts to emails 🖊️

You can never create enough content for your travel brand. Not only is it beneficial for organic search engine rankings, but it can highlight you as a thought leader in the travel industry and give audiences valuable insights and helpful information.

Write blog articles about the best winter sun holidays and get people excited to travel to areas where the sun blazes all day long during the colder months. Supplement this with email blasts and social media posts highlighting the in-demand spots and how people can book with your brand. Providing potential travellers with regular content keeps you fresh in their minds and can help them make a decision about their next getaway.

Highlight destinations 🏖️

Certain countries are more popular than others for winter sun, so make sure that you highlight the ones in demand as well as the places that offer the best business opportunities. Spain, Portugal (Link to the best places to visit in Portugal blog post) and Greece are the typical holiday favourites for some sun, but their European location means temperatures drop during the winter (even if they’re nowhere near as low as the UK).

Therefore, you should think about long-haul destinations where the climate easily suppresses 30c. From Cuba to the Caribbean islands, there are plenty of great countries that you can promote to customers, ready to get them booking their sizzling winter getaway with your business.

Highlight different ways to pay 💳

Flexibility is key when it comes to paying for goods and services, especially in the travel sector, where the cost of a holiday can be a financial burden on bank accounts. With Fly Now Pay Later, travellers can spread the cost of their payments over several instalments and enjoy more confidence when booking a holiday.

By offering your customers alternative payment solutions, you can increase your travel sales and empower them to book winter sun holidays. Four in 10 Brits have already used flexible finance like buy now, pay later (BNPL), with 44% saying they do so for the convenience it offers. Giving customers the chance to spread their payments with BNPL means you’ll be well equipped to meet demand this winter.

Summary: Feel the winter sun

It’s getting colder outside, but things are warming up in the travel industry. With more people expected to book some winter sun in the coming months, you can ensure that your travel brand is at the forefront of travellers’ minds with a solid marketing strategy and by offering flexible payment solutions that empower holidaymakers to book their dream destination this winter.