19 Nov 2021 Travel Inspiration

How to Spend a Weekend in Prague

Prague is one of the most enchanting cities in Europe. The capital of the Czech Republic is full of culture and has more than a thousand years of history, as well as lively cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It’s the ideal short city break for many, but just how should you spend a weekend in Prague? We’ve got the answers with this guide detailing everything you need to know about experiencing a weekend in the majestic city of Prague.


Walk across the Charles Bridge 🌉

After touching down in Prague, start with a spot of sightseeing on foot, with Charles Bridge being the first stop. It’s one of the most recognisable bridges in Europe, boasting 32 unique points across its 621-metre span. Initially built in 1357, the bridge is famous for its many statues, including Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and John of Nepomuk, the country’s most revered saint. Besides statue spotting, your stroll along the bridge includes sweeping views of the River Vltava and offers a pathway into the Prague Old Town.

Prague Old Town 🌆

Staré Mesto, otherwise known as the Old Town, is where you will find the best of Prague. It includes landmarks like the Tyn Church and the Clementinum, along with many other old churches. Make sure you stop by the Old Town Hall and snap a picture or two of its 15th-century Astronomical Clock, which springs to life every hour. There are also lots of quaint discoveries waiting for you in the Old Town, such as a Gothic doorway leading to art exhibits and displays.

Grab dinner at Divinis 😋

After a day of wandering the city and seeing Charles Bridge and the Old Town up close and personal, settle down for the evening and enjoy dinner at Divinis. It’s located in the Old Town and is popular with the American film stars who shoot in the city. Brought to you by Czech TV chef Zdeněk Pohlreich, Divinis features a range of delectable delights such as roe deer saddle with mushroom ragout and shrimp risotto. It’s a fancy spot but still manages to be homely and welcoming.


Prague Castle 🏰

Carry on the history tour on Saturday morning with a visit to Prague Castle. It’s located in the Hradcany neighbourhood and was once home to Bohemia’s kings. Today, it’s the official residence of the Czech Republic’s President and one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. There’s a range of architectural designs on offer and plenty to see within its walls, including St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica and the Old Royal Palace. You can easily spend a few hours discovering everything that Prague Castle has to offer.

Shopping in Wenceslas Square 🛍️

After soaking up lots of culture, indulge in some retail therapy at Wenceslas Square, the city’s primary shopping hub. It covers shopping for just about every taste, with shoes, books and even Bohemian crystals on offer. Then there are the departmental stores, which sell just about everything from furniture to fashion. Wander between the shopping arcades, which boast historic design but house the latest items before stopping at one of the food courts for a bite to eat.

Party in Zizkov 🕺

Zizkov is the neighbourhood for nightlife in Prague, thanks to its many bars and clubs. It borders Vinohrady and Stare Mesto, and legend has it that Zizkov has more bars per square kilometre than anywhere else in Europe. So if you want to experience nightlife at its best in the city, round your Saturday off here and indulge in Prague at night by partying until the early hours of the morning.


Wander the neighbourhood of Holešovice 🎨

Make sure you book a later flight so you can enjoy one more stroll around the city, starting with a trip to Holešovice.  Known as one of Prague’s trendiest districts, this neighbourhood offers a range of spots where you can enjoy a hot brew, see scenic open areas and enjoy the creative spaces. Letna Park is a must-visit with its stunning views over the city, while the many studios located here exhibit unorthodox art. Make sure you visit the Vystaviste exhibition grounds before leaving to see a glimpse into Prague’s past.

Enjoy some peace at Vrtba Garden 🌳

Next, head to Mala Strana and the nearby Vrtba Garden with its beautiful and expertly manicured gardens. There are geometric designs and statues of Gods, and, unlike the more well-known Wallenstein Garden, Vrtba is somewhat of a secret. That means you can wander around away from the crowds and go at your own pace.

Sip on a hot brew ☕

Head to one of the many cafes to sip on a hot brew before finishing off your trip and jetting back home. Friends Coffee House (FCH) is a popular spot located in the New Town (Nove Mesto). The cafe is airy and bright, specious inside and features homely interiors. It’s the perfect way to round off your visit to Prague, relaxing with a hot cuppa and reflecting on the weekend that’s been.

A weekend in Prague

There’s so much to see and do in Prague, and it’s impossible to cram it all into one weekend. But with our suggestions, you can combine some relaxation time with famous landmarks and a spot of partying over a few days before heading off home with memories of one of Europe’s most popular cities.