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I’m a partner

I’m a partner

General questions

Usually, the customer has been declined because of a negative marker against their credit score. We’ll send them an email letting them know the reason they were declined. 

However, they are eligible to apply in 30 days, so you could advise them to check their credit score and address any issues before coming back and trying again.

Our super-smart app only shows up on eligible deals. That means that if the total is below £250 and or exceeds £3000, it won’t show up.

It also won’t show up for trips being booked 7 days or less before the departure date.

Customers often think that we use direct debit to process their monthly repayment, but we use Continuous Payment Authority (CPA). As such, it’s a good idea to remind your customers that they can make their repayment by logging into their online account or using the app. 

If the customer fails to make their payment on time, the system will automatically apply a late payment charge of £12.

Your customer can update their card details online on our website ( or through the app. Alternatively, they can also contact one of our advisers on 02033222996.

First of all, they should contact you or their travel provider to cancel their booking. 

If they’re entitled to a refund, we will credit the sum directly to the customer’s Fly Now Pay Later account and subtract it from their remaining balance. 

Please note that following a refund the customers will still be liable to settle their account with us. 

If they cancel their agreement within the 14 days cooling-off period, however, they will need to make a full repayment of the sum borrowed within 30 days to get their transaction fee refunded in full.

If a customer wants to change their travel dates, the administration fee should be paid directly to you. 

Once the details have changed, please email us on to confirm the changes. (The same applies for any other amendments, too.)

Most of the time, this is because we don’t support Visa Electron or American Express payments, so the customer just needs to use a UK debit or credit card instead. 

However, it can also be that the payment addresses don’t match up, so make sure you double-check those too.

Not at all. The account holder can pay for someone’s else travel without any problem as long as the card is registered under the account holder’s name. Just make sure they’re aware that they’re responsible for all the payments, no matter who travels.

Your customers can settle their balance or make extra payments at any time for free. No extra charges will apply at all. And as soon as their account has been settled, they’ll be able to use Fly Now Pay Later to book another trip straight away.