04 Apr 2022 Travel Inspiration

Your guide to Buenos Aires

A trip to Argentina typically features meat, wine, sprawling countryside and snow-capped mountains. And yet, it’s also a country with thriving cities, and nowhere is that more apparent than in Buenos Aires. The capital of Argentina is a hotbed of culture, architecture, excellent restaurants and historic sites. But what are the best things to do here? Read on and find out with your guide to Buenos Aires.

Visit the Pink House 🌸

Visit the Pink House

Arguably the most famous building in the city, Casa Rosada is known as the Pink House and is the official residence of the President of Argentina. It was built in the mid-1800s in Italianate style and features a museum dating back to the 1950s. Here, you’ll find collections, exhibits and artefacts from colonial times when Spain ruled most of the continent. There are also murals by famous Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros, who had help from prominent Argentinian artists.

Visit the local galleries 🖼️

Visit the local galleries

Buenos Aires is known for its public art galleries, which offer an affordable way to soak up some culture in the city. Museo de Arte Moderno and neighbouring Museo de Arte Contemporaneo cost little more than £1.50 ($2) to visit and feature a mixture of permanent and changing shows. Museo de Arte Moderno showcases works from Argentinean and international artists from the mid-20th century onward, while Arte Contemporaneo has contemporary pieces from the 80s up to the present day.

Watch a game at La Bombonera stadium ⚽

Watch a game at La Bombonera stadium

Football (or soccer to some) is a religion in Argentina, and La Bombonera stadium is the cathedral. The home to Boca Juniors, this 54,000-seater stadium is filled with passion, chanting and flares lighting up the stands. If you’re a sports fan, seeing Boca Juniors at La Bombonera stadium is an unrivalled experience and a rite of passage for lovers of the beautiful game.

Spend some time in San Telmo 💍

Spend some time in San Telmo

One of the oldest neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires, San Telmo is famous for its colourful Colonial-style houses dotted along the narrow cobblestone lanes. Take your camera and snap away at the striking buildings in an area that perfectly captures the city’s past. You will find bohemian, city and tango influences, as well as traditional markets where you can source a gem or two. The neighbourhood attracts 12,000 visitors, who browse the 270 stands of antiques, jewellery, gifts and souvenirs.

Explore Palermo 🌆

Explore Palermo

Another popular neighbourhood, Palermo is chic and stylish with botanical gardens, mansion homes and plenty of colour and flair. It’s divided into three sections: Alto Palermo, Palermo Chico and Palermo Viejo. Alto Palermo is known for its museums and parks, while Palermo Chico offers hidden spots often overlooked by tourists. Palermo Viejo is further broken up into Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood and houses boutique shops, cafes, bars and charming cobble-stone streets for you to wander.

Recoleta Cemetery 🪦

Recoleta Cemetery

You may be sceptical about visiting a cemetery while on holiday, but Recoleta is no ordinary resting ground. It’s a place for the rich, famous and powerful of Argentina and features ornate mausoleums. It’s free to enter, though you’ll need to purchase a map to wander the maze of graves. Of all the tombs, Eva Peron’s is perhaps the most popular. People still leave flowers for the actress, politician, activist and philanthropist who was known as Evita.

La Boca and the Caminito Street Museum 🎨

La Boca and the Caminito Street Museum

La Boca is the most colourful neighbourhood in Buenos Aires and a favourite with artistic and creative types who spend their time here finding inspiration. There’s plenty of outside art on display – balconies and patios are decorated with sculptures of tango dancers and other larger-than-life characters. Be sure to visit the Caminito Street Museum – it’s a colourful pedestrian-friendly zone that operates as an open-air museum and art market. It has been going strong since 1959.

Do the tango 💃🏻

Do the tango

No visit to Buenos Aires is complete without an evening out doing the tango. Sure, you can watch the professionals perform it at a live show, but why not have a go yourself? There are plenty of spots, including milongas and tango clubs, where you can embrace this Argentinian dance with the locals and enjoy a night of dining, wine and dancing.

Sample the wine 🍷

Sample the wine

Along with the tango and football, wine is another point of interest for Argentineans, especially in Buenos Aires. It’s the country’s national drink, and you can sip a glass of red in one of the many restaurants located across the city. Mendoza and malbec are produced in Buenos Aires, so expect them to feature heavily on menus. Wine tours are available throughout the city, allowing you to enjoy some delicious reds while learning more about the country’s wine culture.

Your guide to Buenos Aires

A thriving culture and hotbed of creativity and style await you in Buenos Aires. From catching a game of football to wandering the historic neighbourhoods and sipping on a glass of red or two, Buenos Aires offers a city getaway full of buzz. It captures South American charm and is a great place to visit whether you’re travelling solo, in a couple or as a family.